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Carol Leppa

Page history last edited by Russ Law 13 years, 9 months ago

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Incorporating international links in advanced Professional practice experiences using web-cam conference links



This international fellowship project involved developing and evaluating web-cam assisted linkages between nursing faculty/staff, students, and practitioners from the UK and the US. Thinking through patient care or system organization problems with someone from a different system, helps open up the mind to new questions and potential solutions. Sharing practice and research expertise at the professional practice level is an important way to address new solutions to persistent problems in health care delivery. Linking practitioners across cultures to explore common problems within different cultures is an exceptionally rich opportunity.

Participants expand the scope of their knowledge as they learn the ‘other’ system and approaches. They also deepen their knowledge of their own system and health care leadership roles as they consider the alternative ways to approach problems by working around common clinical problems and concerns as well as research interests in nursing and health care.

A full report of Carol's project is attached. To find out more contact leppa@washington.edu

Comments (1)

jo said

at 4:28 pm on Sep 25, 2008

Carol has also been following up a conversation about Digital Storytelling and has created an amazing story that may inspire more fascinating explorations. Great that Jane Leng (in the third group of Fellows) is taking this forward in her fellowship. Hope to read about some juicy conversations between Carol and Jane in the coming year.

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