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Cath Grob

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Enhanced Podcasting : using mobile technologies to support professional education


 My fellowship project aimed to explore and explicate the pedagogy of podcasting and other mobile technologies. I am particularly interested in connecting theory to practice. I created a series of podcasts to support the understanding of bioscience for all nursing students undertaking health care professional programmes in the European Institute of Health and Medical Science (EIHMS). Other technology-enhanced tools such as bulk short messaging service (sms) for text messages, weblogs (blogs) and an electronic voting system were also used to enhance the students’ experience. The project captured the mentors’ voices in placement via ‘conversational’ focus groups and /or other electronic media for example, digitally recorded interviews, or online questionnaires. Both students and nurse educators were involved with the design of the podcasts. Whilst the project focused on nursing students, the approach used is relevant to other disciplines where staff prepare and support students during a professional placement year. The project also proved to be a developmental opportunity for students and staff to ‘work together and learn together’ through conversations, collaboration and design.














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Please contact me if you would like to access my wiki that illustrates the success of the project and raises some questions for future development,  c.grob@surrey.ac.uk

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Thanks for a very enlightening prwesentation Cathy.

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