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Fred Buining

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Fostering Student, Staff and Organisational Creativity

We live in a world where we need our creativity to survive and prosper. Business leaders understand this and companies invest heavily in people who can creatively engage with business problems and challenges and add new dimensions to a business. My Fellowship was formed around a portfolio of activities aimed at progressing the University of Surrey’s understanding of how applied creative thinking techniques might be integrated into an academic (enquiry-rich) professional training curriculum and to begin building teacher capacity for the facilitation of creative thinking. There were three different but related activities.



Based in The Netherlands, Fred’s international consultancy Fredwerk helps organizations to change by discovering and harnessing their creative potential. His clients include both multinationals and small enterprises. He is working with the University of Surrey to help staff and students develop the skills to facilitate group creative thinking. See examples of Fred in action and talking about his work below.


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