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George Allan

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My Fellowship is being formed around a Faculty-based staff and curriculum development project involving twenty four teaching staff from all four of the university's Faculties. During the year I will facilitate four workshops (one for each faculty) and then participants will adapt a module to facilitate more enquiry-rich learning drawing on my support when it is needed. Simultaneously, I will be developing a practical teacher-friendly Guide to Enquiry-Based Learning, based on the pedagogic research and teaching strategies that I developed at Portsmouth and Surrey. We are hoping to illustrate the Guide with film resources from workshops and real teaching and learning situations. The results of the project can be found on the University of Surrey enquirylearning wiki.


Currently, Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) consists of four cognitive processes: motivating learning, student enquiries with critical thinking and writing, small-group dialectic and, holistic learning (Allan, 1997; Allan and Powell, 2007). This Fellowship will enable me to develop a practical guide for HE teachers and expand the good practice in professional learning embedded in the existing practical EBL paradigm (Allan, 2007; 2008). I hope to be able to show how most lecture-based modules can be adapted to promote a more enquiring approach to learning that will stimulate nearly all students to deeper understanding and learning.


Helping students to equire 

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