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Marion Wynne-Davies

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Developing Enquiry Based Learning in the English Department at the University of Surrey

The project aims to design modules within the English Department’s new degree programmes that use EBL in order to develop and support students as creative thinkers and independent enquirers. The new BA Programme is constructed to allow students to develop skills and knowledge in terms of discipline study, personal development and work experience; these are fully integrated within the curriculum. In order to analyse this link between academic, practice and life experience, the project will engage with the idea of productive enquiry in relation to the unique opportunity – in UK HEIs - to undertake professional training in an English Literature degree programme. In order to facilitate these developments the project proposes that Department staff liaise with key researchers in EBL. The project also aims to share curriculum innovation with regard to EBL across the University via workshops and nationally through web-based information.


Key Goals:

  • Design EBL modules in the new English Literature programme
  • Use EBL as a way of linking the academic curriculum, professional training and career/life-long learning development
  • Analyse how these elements work in practice for students
  • Disseminate outcomes across the University via SCEPTrE and nationally in subject terms via the English Subject Centre and webpage information





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