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Paulo Lopes

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Developing transferable interpersonal and emotional skills



This project aims to enhance the quality of professional training in the University of Surrey, focusing on transferable interpersonal skills and the emotional dimensions of learning at work. I will begin by identifying common interpersonal and emotional challenges that undergraduate students face during their professional training placements and common responses to these situations. From this preliminary work, I will develop a training instrument aimed at helping students to develop interpersonal and emotional skills, based on vignettes describing these situations and possible responses for dealing with them. The next stage will be to design a workshop to help students develop interpersonal and emotional skills, based on this instrument. Among other activities, students will rate the effectiveness of different strategies for handling emotionally challenging interpersonal situations at work, and then discuss the pros and cons of these different strategies. This project also has a research angle. We will develop a research measure based on the same vignettes, to advance scientific understanding of how people manage interpersonally and emotionally challenging situations in the workplace. This research will build upon the research that I have already undertaken on emotional intelligence and interpersonal interaction.

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