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Philip Jackson

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Facilitating enquiry-based learning in a technical media production environment

The goal of the fellowship is to facilitate productive student enquiry in the context of media production coursework with a high technical quality, including level 2, level 3 and level 4 projects, by providing supporting materials that are relevant, up-to-date, clear, fun and readily accessible to students as and when they need them.

The alignment with SCEPTrE’s ambitions is achieved by applying the principles of enquiry-based learning to an area with significant technical challenges. In addition, a record will be produced of the students’ learning process that will provide not only procedural advice, but also examples of critical and reflective thinking.

Previous pilots of open-ended project work with Media Engineering students have not only demonstrated extremely positive responses to these challenges, but formed in them a desire to know more, to experiment, to investigate and to take the technology further. In return, we want students to receive a helping hand as they are getting started by enabling them easy access to the essential information for producing their media content and motivation to learn how to learn in less constrained situations.

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